7x,8x Keplerian Prism Loupes

Recommended for First Time Wearers of those higher powered Kepler loupe.7.0 x,8.0 x is the most popular kepler model among the entry level user of these powerful loupes. It offers the widest field of view and the most generous depth of field among its class.


Model Magnification Working distance Depth of Field Field of view Weight
700S/800S 7X/8X 340mm 40mm 50mm 80.5g
700R/800R 7X/8X 420mm 40mm 55mm 80.5g
700S/800S 7X/8X 500mm 40mm 60mm 80.5g
700S/800S 7X/8X 550mm 40mm 70mm 80.5g

color:black loupes, black frame, black fasten belt, black clean fabric, black eyeglass case.


  • Much more power than the Galilean system; perfect for such detailed operation as root canals.
  • Super high resolution clarity for the ultimate vision experience.
  • Flip-up function means if you do not need the loupe temporarily, just flip it up; no need to take it off.
  • Adjustable nose bridge accommodates to any pupil distance.