L70 Loupes (High-grade Lightweight & Vogue model)

"High-grade Lightweight & Vogue model L70" Binocular Loupes,

they are used on optional “NORTH H50, H60, H70, H80” Dental LED headlight


Model Magnification Working distance Depth of Field Field of view Weight Weight of
Loupes and Frame
L70-2.5x WA 2.0X 40cm 22-49cm 13cm 7.8g 58g
L70-2.5x pro 2.5X 42cm 24-57cm 11cm 8g 60g
L70-4.0x pro 4.0X 50cm 31-54cm 3cm 7.5g 57g

Loupe Optical Feature

L70-2.5x WA:widest angel of field,bigest depth of view,especifically suit beginners,students, free operator.

L70-2.5x pro:bigger power,higher resolution than other 2.5x,especifically suit experienced,critical users.

L70-4.0x pro:smallest but biggest power,especifically suit high level & frequent operator.


lBesides L60 feature, L70 loupe waterproof, Ar(argon) inside barrel of loupe;keep NEW till 2 years;color loupe;Titanium frame.

Color & style