L50/3.0xCL Clip on Loupes

Recommended for those need more power.

If you are an experienced user of loupes and feel more power is needed,

Or you need more precise observation, this model is for you.


Model Magnification Working distance Depth of Field Field of view Weight
300S/CL 3X 340mm 60mm 60mm 52.5g
300R/CL 3X 420mm 80mm 65mm 52.5g
300L/CL 3X 500mm 90mm 70mm 52.5g
300XL/CL 3X 550cm 100mm 75mm 52.5g

with clip and without frame


If you are myopia or hyperopia, you can clip our clip-on loupes on your own frame,it is very convenient, removable, with ease of use.

We have 2.5x, 3x and 3.5x with the clip-on type. 4x, 5x and 6x are not available with clip-on type.