L50/2.5xTTL Through The Lense loupes

2.5x TTL Loupes


Model Magnification Working distance Depth of Field Field of view Weight
250S/TTL 2.5X 340mm 80mm 90mm 60g
250Rs/TTL 2.5X 420mm 90mm 100mm 58.5g
250L/TTL 2.5X 500mm 110mm 110mm 60g
250XL/TTL 2.5X 550cm 120mm 120mm 60g

Interpupillary Distance:59-61mm; 61-63mm;63-65mm

color:black loupes, black frame, black fasten belt, black clean fabric, black eyeglass case.


Through The Lense loupes (TTL) do not have the flip-up mechanism. Consequently they are lighter than the Flip-Up system.Since every TTL system needs to be custom made based on the user's Pupil Distance (PD), the cost is higher than a Flip-Up. However, some loupe users prefer the lighter weight TTL system over the convenience of the Flip-Up system.